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I'm 50+ and have learned a few things myself,

Never fight meanness with meanness, but with kindness. Sound strange?

Here's one of my stories;

When I was a child, we lived in a small village. Being a family of six amongst retirees and vacationers, we weren't very well accepted by the caretakers of the village. It seemed just being kids was a thorn in their sides. It was not something they wanted to deal with, but they took on the role of our disciplinarians. This means we got yelled at a lot! I was a shy little girl and didn't understand why they were being so mean to us as I liked the older couple. My brothers were not at all happy with the yelling and even did thing to irritate the caretakers. I had enough of them being mean to us and asked my mother if there wasn't something we could so to make them happier people so maybe they would be nicer to us. We talked for a while and decided to make them a pie as a peace offering. My mother and I went to the store, bought what we needed and made the pie. It turned out perfectly. Although, I wanted my mother to come with me, she said it was my idea and I needed you take it myself. I was afraid of them, I didn't know if they would yell at me or what. I finally convinced my mother to at least walk with me to their gate. I was hoping they would be outside so I wouldn't have to knock on their door but they were not. Here I am a thin, blond haired, 10 year old little girl, scared to death, walking up to their door with what seemed to be a huge pie hot out of the oven.

I watched as my mother walked back to our house, wishing she was there beside me, I carefully held the pie in one arm as I made my way through the gate and knocked on the door.

It startled me when the curtain flew open in the window next to the door, but I stood there with a smile on my face just hoping I would be received well. It seemed to take forever for them to open the door but when it did open, there stood the sweetest looking older lady I have ever seen. It was quite a contrast to the mean old woman who yelled at us kids almost daily.

She greeted me with a slight smile but said nothing. I swallowed hard and said "my mother and I made this pie for you, it's sort of a peace offering for having to put up with us". I held my breath. What happened next was more than I could have ever expected.

She invited me in, thanking me, calling to her husband to come see who was at the door. I followed her to the kitchen where the older man was reading the evening paper. He looked up and smiled when he saw me standing there with the pie in both arms. "Come on in and have a seat" he said in the nicest tone of voice I had ever heard out of him. The now sweet older lady took some ice cream out of the freezer and served up a plate of pie and ice cream to all of us. We talked and enjoyed the desert together.

From then on, there was no more yelling. The older man did on occasion go up to the boys and ask them nicely not to do whatever it was they were doing that made his job of caretaker harder and even helped us when we were playing in the median. They became more like grandparents to all four of us kids and I will always remember their kindness and how an act of kindness, a freshly baked pie, can change the way people treat you.

More stories to come...


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